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Dezhou Yongqing Hydraulic Machinery Factory Brand
Business Model
Dezhou Yongqing hydraulic machinery factory, has abundant technology strength, professional production and operation of ultra high pressure pump, valve, machinery, oil and other products, and can be designed according to special requirements of users, the production of various special hydraulic system. Production testing process is rigorous, means complete, stable product performance, quality and reliable. The product has the advantages of high pressure, light weight, compact structure, flexible, simple operation, you can become the research and production in the right-hand man. "Quality first, customer first" is our service tenet. Users are welcome to come to contact the business. Yongqing hydraulic equipment for your dedication, your work is always a good helper. The characteristics of the product Small volume, light weight, compact structure, simple operation, high pressure and small flow, low-pressure pump can be prepared to improve the work efficiency. Based on the crude oil road, can increase the variety of hydraulic components, such as solenoid directional control valve, pressure relays, remote control switch, hydraulic lock and so on, can be used in any pressure rated pressure. Product use This product can be directly on the pressure test for pressure vessel, equipped with special tools can be lifting, bending, straightening, extrusion, cutting, welding, lifting, stretching, disassembly, punching, building steel extrusion, bridges, construction machinery and other operations. The main products 1, SYB series of ultra high pressure hand, foot, reversing pump. 2, D series high voltage and extra high pressure electric oil pump. J series gasoline engine oil pump. 3, super high pressure hydraulic integrated block, a one-way valve, valve, quick joint. 4, separate type hydraulic jack series. 5, Phi 4, Phi 51 high-pressure and ultrahigh pressure hose assembly. To undertake the design and production of various hydraulic system and hydraulic machinery.
Main Products
Manual oil pump, electric pump, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic machinery and tools
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Contact:   Yang Ronghua
Addr:   Shandong Province  The city of Ji'nan  Shandong Dezhou Tiexi South Road