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Changzhou Xinguang metal hose Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Company name: Changzhou City Xinguang metal hose Co., Ltd. (Changzhou Xinguang corrugated pipe factory) Changzhou Xinguang metal hose Co., Ltd was founded in 1993, through constant development in recent years, the factory has complete 4 corrugated pipe series products of continuous production line, products and equipment in the domestic leading level. The main products are: 1, metal hose, compensator and semi-finished blank, expansion joint 2, elastic element, bellows seal globe valve single wave forming machine, longitudinal seam welded pipe machine 3 bellows. Application scope is as follows: Products are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum transportation, architecture, shipbuilding, military, dock etc.. In order to the factory established, under the condition of market economy development, we constantly needed to develop international market quality, sharp products, non - standard products and special use product. Advantages of the use of: 1, the double seal design (bellows + fill) if the bellows failure, valve stem packing will prevent leaks, and sealed in line with international standards. 2, there is no fluid loss, reduce energy losses and improve plant safety equipment. 3, long service life, reduce maintenance, reduce operating costs. 4, durable bellows seal design to ensure zero leakage of the valve stem to provide maintenance free conditions.
Main Products
Metal corrugated pipe, expansion joint, metal hose
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Contact:   Fan Jianxin
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  Nanjing City  Changzhou city Wujin Luoyang town gas station west