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Shenzhen City Yi rhenium metal machinery sales department Brand
Business Model
Shenzhen City Yi rhenium Hardware Machinery Co. Ltd. Shenzhen City, Eli Industrial Equipment Co. Ltd is a design, development, production in the manufacturing industry workshop equipment and is suitable for the manufacturing industry and the logistics industry equipment storage, Sales of Professional Company. The company has the technical force and strong product development ability, advanced production equipment and mature production technology and Perfect quality assurance system. The construction of Eli began to invest in production line in 1999, has been the introduction of Germany, Japan and other developed countries, American advanced equipment and technology, and gradually established mode With a production line production line, shelves, file cabinet production line, stainless steel products (including stainless steel shelves) production line, and the sea power forklift, Japan dimension Sales of Italy, Hitachi gourd gourd, gourd ring dove brand in Shenzhen area. At present the company up to the size of 6000 square meters, staff 367 people, have business consulting, Professional personnel and mission scope planning design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, service letter etc. Yin, and equipped with automatic electrostatic spraying production line, carbon dioxide arc welding Ground equipment, and various GB general machinery tools, across the blank line rail crane and other production equipment. In the professional logistics and warehousing equipment manufacturing capacity of growing the same When the business gradually rise, 2005 sales reached 10000000 yuan! Rhenium in Iraq to provide professional services and project planning and design at the same time, put the product quality as enterprise life. Mature design Iraq rhenium brand represents excellence Quality of obtained unanimous approval in the manufacturing industry customers, the company has become the industry leader in the eli! Web site
Main Products
Mold shelves, file cabinets, wardrobes, platform trucks, assembly line, working table
Contact information
Contact:   Lv Yanzhen
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Shenzhen City  Baoan District Songgang Hongxing Industrial Zone