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Shenyang Secretary Brady Lighting Engineering Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shenyang Secretary Brady lighting engineering (AD) Co. Ltd. is a professional engaged in with energy-efficient LED lighting products enterprises. The main products are LED lantern, LED wall lights, LED light source, LED light, optical fiber, LED, LED module, electric light source, energy saving lamp, fire emergency lights, lamp series. The firm will provide high quality products from first to last, and continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, and gradually developed into a set of high quality, high credibility, high efficiency, high innovation integration of enterprises. Enterprise purpose: zero distance with customers, to customers as the core, to provide the high standard, fine, zero defect products. Business philosophy: "what we sell is reputation rather than products, to meet the one thousand reason customers" Development concept: to do fine, and stronger, do a full, continuous innovation, and constantly go beyond the self, change rapidly, a step ahead. Service concept: customer profitability is the motivation for the development of our enterprise, create value for customers, to meet the continuously put forward customer requirements. Development goals: to provide Chinese brands in the world. The enterprise will as in the past to carry forward the innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, continuously enterprising, unremitting self-improvement, the pursuit of excellence, dedication to serve.
Main Products
Guardrail tube, the outside dew point, underground lamp, wall lamp, display screen
Contact information
Contact:   Kong Yihan
Addr:   Liaoning Province  Shenyang City  Shenyang city Shenhe District Fengtian Street Green free city B block 14-2