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Beijing Haidian Professional Company registration is approved by the Beijing Municipal Administration of industry and Commerce certification agency services, we have by virtue of the enterprise staff's professional quality and rich experience, to provide quality and efficient service for each level, customers in all industries. The company for all kinds of industrial and commercial registration, verification of capital, capital increase, registration, change, delay, registration, cancellation, sole proprietorship, equity transfer, all kinds of documents, all kinds of company changes in the equity change, difficult, professional handling problems and restrictive government approval, the company agent all kinds of business license, tax code, full service (low fast). Capital verification, evaluation, Beijing Beijing, Beijing Beijing inspection of individual proprietorship enterprises, Beijing high paying, technology. Beijing health, environmental protection, transportation agent and other special approval, agency accounting (preferential). The scope of business: A citywide, provide all kinds of enterprise registration: Science and technology, trade, commerce, culture, advertising, consulting, real estate development, brokerage, investment, partnership, sole proprietorship, individual industrial and commercial households; Two, deputy verification, evaluation, audit, corporate code certificate, for the community to provide year-round business law and related policy advisory services. Three, enterprise change (company name, address, legal representative, shareholders, capital increase, the increase of cancellation, for the record, Four, financial tax consulting, tax registration, establishment of accounting books, bookkeeping, accounting tax declaration, inspection, clear random account, filling the bookkeeping service through-train service.
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Contact:   Manager Ding
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Haidian District Beijing Haidian District Shangdi street ten