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Xuzhou greaps Industrial Control Technology Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Xuzhou greaps Industrial Technology Co. Ltd. covers an area of more than 2 square meters, is located in Xuzhou economic and Technological Zone opened. Specialized in explosion proof switch, level two partial anti deviation switch, pull switch, two-way tilt switch, anti deviation switch, switch manufacturers price deviation prevention, Xuzhou, Xuzhou industrial weighing weighing instrument, intelligent instrument, detection and control, conveyor protection device, mechanical sampling system equipment R & D, design, manufacturing, and service, committed to providing customers with comprehensive integrated solutions. With more than ten years of production experience, is currently one of the larger domestic electronic belt scale, weighing coal feeder, feeder, sampling system manufacturers. Products are widely used in electric power, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, port, cement and other industries. In addition to having accurate weighing stability, advanced and reliable performance, but also has the advantages of simple installation, easy maintenance and control characteristics of multiple function etc.. My company is willing to cooperate with all walks of life users extensive cooperation, hand in hand, create more quality products and services. Xuzhou Power Industrial Limited company of science and technology is developing rapidly at Staples Center since its inception, has made brilliant achievements. In each industry established his position and brand, for users in China to provide a full range of technical support and service is the force constant commitment to staples industrial technology. As weighing equipment manufacturing and suppliers well-known, greaps company made the China market strategy and long-term planning, relying on foreign-owned enterprises in China greaps industrial limited company of science and technology, users can conveniently near to acquire advanced technology and equipment, as well as from system design, equipment manufacturing, equipment, installation and commissioning, personnel training the supply of spare parts, production operation and provide a full range of technical support and service. Please login to the 0516-87130777 13615108508 hole manager fax details: 0516-87130999
Main Products
Tilt switches, bidirectional pull switch, level two anti deviation switch, explosion proof partial switch, anti deviation switch price
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Contact:   Kong Qiang
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  Nanjing City  Xuzhou City Economic and Technological Development Zone Zhongxing science and Technology Park