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Guangzhou Haixing second-hand office furniture recycling Brand
Business Model
Guangzhou Haixing used vintage recycling company (Liwan, Yuexiu, Baiyun, Tianhe, Whampoa , Luogang, Panyu, Nansha, Huadu, Haizhu surrounding area free door-to-door service level)! We are recycling second-hand has a wealth of experience, if you have a bad, eliminated, not to use the of all kinds of second-hand, whether good or bad, the amount of large or small we can recycle, and promise to offer you the price is the best! The main recovery type; 1, office furniture: second-hand furniture, office furniture, employee, boss table, desk, sofa, screen, partition, get out of bed, cafe tables and chairs... 2, all kinds of electrical appliances: air conditioner, refrigerator, freezer, TV, washing machine, monitor, computer, Internet bar machine, notebook, cable, copier, printer, fax machine...... 3, hotel: all kinds of stainless steel hearth, mensal chair, sofa, fluctuation bed, double bed, single bed, TV cabinet, coffee table, carpet series. Supermarket shelves, ice cream machine, display cabinets, fresh cabinet...... 4, the backlog of inventory: UPS power supply, battery, copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, CD, and all kinds of recyclable items, out of items, the backlog of waste non-ferrous metal stock items...... 5, household furniture; the various annatto sofa, real wood sofa, real leather sofa, rattan sofa, cloth art sofa, Xi Mengsai bed, double bed, wood bed, three door wardrobe, dressing table, wood table...... Note; high recovery; each unit, company, guesthouse, bar, disco, Internet cafes, schools backlog, idle, out of supplies (a phone call would have someone on-site service!!! Welcome friends from all walks of life; sincerely look forward to your cooperation!)
Main Products
Office screen, office furniture, double bed, electrical appliances, household appliances
Contact information
Contact:   Lu Sheng
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  About Guangzhou city Haizhuqu District Xin Jie Guangzhou Da Dao Nan Chong on