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Xiamen Xin Li day acrylic Advertising Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
"Xiamen Xin Li day acrylic Advertising Co., Ltd." is a professional engaged in organic glass product design and production of professional manufacturers. The company introduced advanced production equipment, the production of acrylic, tries hard in the manufacturing process and each link of the best. The company spirit of "survive by quality, credibility and development" for the purpose, innovative services known domestic and overseas market with the industry development. Xiamen Xin Li day acrylic advertising limited strain every nerve to provide high-quality products, preferential prices, excellent service to our customers. Welcome to the new and old friends call, letter inquiries, negotiate. We will actively cooperate with you to the professional standards of the best...
Main Products
Acrylic products, acrylic products, foam, crystal word, sign
Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Hong
Addr:   Fujian Province  The city of Fuzhou  The rear Lake District of Xiamen city Taiwan Street Wo Shan Bei Lu maternal and Child Health Hospital