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Jizhou Xinhua Rubber Roller Factory Brand
Business Model
I plant the production of rubber roller, formula well, selected materials, advanced technology. I plant the production of alcohol dampening, UV roller, strong rubber plastic and nylon string of ink roll series water, used in many home printing machinery factory. Products are widely used in printing, printing and dyeing, printing, leather, textile, chemical fiber, circuit board, PS version and other industries, has been with the Beijing Tian bin, Pratt, Ou Quan, Qingdao Huachi, Tianzheng, million Lee Teuk, Fu Hui, Shougang Design Institute, people's daily, Xinhua Printing and other printing plant and machinery equipment factory to establish a long-term relations of cooperation. I plant since the early days of very great importance to product quality and quality management, and constantly improve the quality management system, from raw materials procurement is strict, the process adopts the market operation. Results from the quality control, variable in process control, reduce the risk of substandard goods produced. To provide better customer high quality products, our quality standard is "100-1=0". Xinhua Rubber Factory with advanced production equipment, leading technology, high-quality staff and be conscientious and do one's best spirit to provide customers with better service. Factory name: Hebei province Jizhou City Xinhua Rubber Roller Factory Address: Jizhou City Industrial Park Contact: Division Manager Tel: 0318-8611336 Fax: 0318-8611028 Web site:
Main Products
Industrial rubber roller, polyurethane roller, rubber products, stick with office equipment
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Contact:   Department Manager
Addr:   Hebei Province  Shijiazhuang City  New street in Hebei Province, Jizhou City Industrial Park