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Shenyang Shen Qiao adhesive tape Co. Ltd Brand
Business Model
Miyoshi, have online ---WWW.SOSOL.COM.CN automobile ---WWW.SOSOL.NET, Miyoshi TV ---WWW.SOSOL.TV three network platform Langfeng technology under the flag, "communication, communication, understanding, reference" is our pursuit of the goal. The rapid development of four years, three online has formed 10 core center, 11 Product vertical channel, a plurality of characteristic column and more than 100 columns, providing IT products information, quotation, users and manufacturers, channel five in one platform. The interactive forum very popular to implement user real name registration, create IT leisure and shopping channel, shopping district has become one of the golden commercial value.
Main Products
The barbecue on paper to join, food processing, business services, machinery and equipment, project cooperation
Contact information
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Addr:   Liaoning Province  Shenyang City  Heping District, Shenyang city Toyota Sanhao Street Silicon Valley building