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Hubei Xinmei Advertising Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Hubei Xinmei advertising company was founded in 1995, wall advertising is our main business, dedicated to providing professional companies to develop the rural market wall advertising services, and gradually in the city of outdoor media, print media to be planar, network penetration, to create the first integrity wall advertising industry? The superiority brand, and strive to become the industry leader the military representative. In fourteen years, with the strength, mature technology, integrated service, the integrity of the service concept and more than 300 customers conducted sincere cooperation, to the end of 2009, a total construction area of nearly 30000000 square meters, is recognized as the founder, was to be a permanent customers rely on friends. Ad Engineering has a wide influence in the industry. The company has a professional construction team of more than 500 people, can work more than 10 provinces.2009 provide a complete open overall extension of rural market solution for home appliances, cars and all kinds of products to the countryside more than 20 successful enterprises, provide powerful help for the number of mobile, Unicom, telecom etc., large state-owned enterprises occupy market. All these laid the "Xinmei advertising" brand advantage position, has laid a solid foundation for the industry to become a pilot.
Main Products
Domestic design, all kinds of wall advertising website production, publishing, agents
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Contact:   Bie Bihong
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Wuchang District of Wuhan City Ding Zi Qiao Lu