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Business Model
Zhengzhou Ming grass to transfer the production center is a professional fabric printing processing company of the biggest center-west region. It is also one of the earliest in the heat transfer products fabric printing professional company. Over the years, the further research and development, the company has been committed to the heat transfer products technology to screen printing, digital printing, three kinds of process heat transfer success together. Not only greatly reduces the cost, improves the efficiency, but also make the quality of heat transfer products has been further improve. Plus the Midwest labor advantage and Zhengzhou lead in all directions of traffic convenience, so that my company's products in the increasingly fierce competition to become the domestic large number of advertising companies, enterprises, foreign trade companies and other customers making heat transfer products eventually designated manufacturers. The main products are: A, heat transfer banner, banner, banner color, monochrome banner, pesticide banners, banners, seed food and beverage banners etc.; Two, double penetration flags, bunting, five flags, string flags, colored apron, mouse pad, pillow, cloth quality tourism map, non-woven bags. The characteristics of heat transfer printing products: A, pattern clear, rich layers, washable, not leg color, no environmental pollution. Two, the production process is not affected by the weather, speed, time assured. Three, using the color digital printing machine printing, quality assurance, and the price is low, is the best way to corporate promotional products. Fabric mainly uses cloth according to customer requirements. Description: ice Sabu, Oxford cloth making banners: banners silk, silk flag, such as the production of banners pongee. Note: if not pure cotton cloth can be printed Our advantage: 1 printing offset printing thermal transfer three combination according to the specific pattern and the number of skilled use of do the lowest cost. 2 using the color digital printing machine printing thermal transfer color paper cost less than the imported paper 1/10. 3 quality assurance, prompt delivery. 30000 meters within a week of shipment 4 free to provide thermal transfer technology consulting. Main business: 1, fabric printing processing; two, processing and printing thermal transfer color paper; three, sales of thermal transfer printing four-color offset printing ink. - we have the technology to look ten years of thermal transfer printing fabric experience and professional cooperation with you! Contact: Li Quanhong Tel: 13253511648 13592431715 0371-61898897 web site:
Main Products
Banners, flags, mouse pad, double penetration flags, banners
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Contact:   Li Quanhong
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Zhengzhou Jinshui Garden City North District high Huangzhai Industrial Zone