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Tai'an high tech Zone Sheng Wang horticultural field Brand
Business Model
Tai'an Shengwang Nursery Horticulture Field is established, approved by the trade and Industry Department of scientific research, production, fruit seed seedling breeding, marketing as one of the nursery stock base. Selection of more than 300 domestic varieties of fruit trees in the garden from the female parent, scion, preferably a batch of new varieties of cross century wide adaptability, high economic benefit, about 4000000 strains from breeding quality Guomiao, ensure that the pure breed (can be legal notarization) seedlings are sold all over the country praised by users, for agricultural development, the farmer becomes rich to create good foundation. Warmly welcome all friends to the on-the-spot investigation, ordering!!
Main Products
Fruit tree seedling, green seedlings, seedling apple, peach seedlings, strawberry seedlings
Contact information
Contact:   Ji Maocheng
Addr:   Shandong Province  Ji'nan City  Tai'an high tech Zone Sheng Wang horticultural field