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Business Model
Shanghai Clipsal entertainment products sales company is a professional engaged in entertainment series products research and production of high-tech companies. Founded in 1997 August, in the fierce market competition environment, first-class technology, first-class service, the customer supreme principle, grasp the opportunity, the courage to open up, sales doubled every year, in the entertainment field to establish a good reputation and image of the elite. The company has a number of advanced technology to master the professional talents, in the entertainment field has accumulated rich experience, takes the leading position in the same industry. The main business: The poker, mahjong, a game machine To change the card. Card control. Shuffle licensing skills. Full controlled machine mahjong table: 08 years of the latest version of the invisible computer operation procedures: no remote all-round control, fast on the card, quiet good, no matter what the game can get what they want good cards, free door installation, can be designed according to customer requirements of various applications. The latest high-end infrared. Ultraviolet soft contact lenses can be bought in 1-2 cm objects, comfortable to wear, not by the lights of the location limit, any poker mahjong Pai Gow can be used (sold separately for a special glasses). The new second computer analyzer: before licensing, 1-54 card can be instant analysis of each card size, suitable for two, three, five and other game ever victorious. Intelligent poker detector: both at home and abroad what ordinary poker, can instantly measure the color, size and various points, win lose themselves can be mastered. Password. Intelligent Dice: no matter on the table, on the ground. The bowl medium what site I can show my want points, arbitrary. (without any auxiliary items) Baccarat packet win legend software: 08 latest baccarat computer analysis software, the latest research achievements in the world of mathematics, according to the matrix regression principle, can automatically prompt bet range odds rate is as high as 99.98%, otherwise the dice (single and double), coins (positive and negative) intelligent computer analysis software. Technology: no matter what brand, what kind of game including change card, control card, the card reversing, licensing, licensing, shuffle, to brand can control the size, please students bring their own brand with, look at the successors, and perennial open mail order business, the long-term effective. Jammer: exclusive development, can be and what what, addition and subtraction, than size, arbitrary. Convenient portability and small size, suitable for any type 30 kinds, the accuracy of 100%. This product is for entertainment is prohibited for gambling
Main Products
Poker mahjong, perspective glasses, games, entertainment products
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Contact:   Oriental Yuntao
Addr:   Shanghai City  Shanghai City  Changan road in Shanghai City