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Jizhou Huabiao Composite Materials Co Ltd Brand
Business Model
Jizhou Huabiao Composite Equipment Co. Ltd. was established in 2003 February, is located in the Hengshui lake near the beautiful Jizhou city of Hebei province. West of State Road 106, north of Beijing, Shi railway interchange, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, water resources is sufficient. The company specializes in sand pipe mold, pipe mold, mold process various savings and glass steel equipment development and manufacture. Company technical personnel to participate in the research and development of the domestic first set of sand pipe production line, over the years in the glass steel equipment and technology has accumulated a lot of experience and applied to production equipment which has made very good economic and social benefits. Over the past few years the company products have been sold all over the country hundreds of enterprises, with the advanced product performance, stability and excellent after sale service to win customers alike. Companies adhere to the "quality-oriented, customer-oriented, leading technology, innovation" business philosophy, to high-quality products, reasonable price, the successful experience and dedication to users will ensure that you stand in the forefront of the industry competition.
Main Products
Glass pipe mold, sand pipe mold, pipe mold winding
Contact information
Contact:   Chen Shilei
Addr:   Hebei Province  Shijiazhuang City  Jizhou City Industrial Park, South Changan Road