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EHS policy is the enterprise of all environment, occupation health safety behavior principle and statements of intent, has manifested the enterprise in the environment, occupation health safety to protect the general direction and basic commitment. So we can say that the EHS policy is the enterprise in environmental, health and safety protection in general know the direction and principle of behavior. A total commitment also reflect the top management of the environment, occupation health safety behavior. The driving force of all activities of EHS policy is also the enterprise environment, occupation health safety field. Relates to all employees and other interested parties, each employee should understand and comply with the. A positive, practical EHS policy, will determine the direction and the behavior criterion of environment, occupation health safety management general for the enterprise, and to establish a more specific environment, occupation health and safety goals provide an overall framework.
Main Products
Safety helmet, gloves, safety shoes, eye wash, respirator
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Contact:   Xu Xiaoming
Addr:   Shanghai City  Shanghai City  Shanghai city Jiading District Zhangye road 355 get electronic mall, No. 5 Building 13 floor