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Taiyuan century Bo Hao Information Technology Co., Ltd Brand
Business Model
Shanxi century Bo Hao Information Technology Co., Ltd is located in Taiyuan City, the field of new and high technology, is to provide the overall information technology solutions and actively advocated the future information service enterprises. The technical expert century Bo Hao companies from all levels of qualified engineers, authority initiated the establishment, and by industry renowned marketing experts, management experts and a group interested in Chinese information industrialization of outstanding young intellectuals. Since the founding, our company has successfully developed a series of applied in core areas of product information. Today, as the information construction and network service industry come first on the list is dominant, each field of comprehensive applied in national informatization construction.
Main Products
Security monitoring project, anti-theft products, anti-theft monitoring engineering, security monitoring equipment, wireless anti-theft products
Contact information
Contact:   Jia Shangzhong
Addr:   Shanxi Province  Taiyuan City  Shanxi garden Taiyuan Xiaodian District Street No. 43