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Meter device access mu Xinxiang City Electric Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
The company's products by the microcomputer control, digital display, high accuracy (area measurement equipment: in the vehicle turning, turn, reversing automatic stop calculation, is not full operation rate and not full header at harvest, can enter the temporary working width, is a special instrument, agricultural vehicle calculated acreage is not only can calculate plots of two side length so simple products), seismic dustproof, easy installation, simple operation and other advantages of products, make the products have been in the national agricultural industry earnestly. Specializing in the production of (Sales): GPS portable Mu instrument, vehicle mounted ground acreage calculation instrument (gage measuring device / Mu Mu instrument), hand push type block length measuring instrument, combine harvester, fault alarm, barn alarm to acreage calculation / length measurement / harvester fault display system, diesel engine shake free starter, sowing machine blocking alarm, engine tachometer, reversing radar and other series products. Scope: a variety of combine harvesters, tractors, straw return to field machine, rotary cultivator and a tractor ploughing plough, the planter, harvester, diesel engine, three or four wheel tractor farm implements and etc.. Marketing services: products Three Guarantees, consignment agent, free packaging, one year warranty for this product. Due to seasonal the series product is specially strong, look at all the new and old customers ordered in advance, our company will strive to provide you with the best quality service. Joined the cooperation Wanted dealers across the country and supporting manufacturers, a common success
Main Products
Measuring instrument meter Mu Mu,, area measurement instrument, harvester alarm, field measurement instrument
Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Yao
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  The high tech Development Zone