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Guangzhou Zhuo Xin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is the pioneer of Guangzhou area of flat-panel TV repair, As early as in 1998, we began to repair large game machine at the top of the plasma screen, through nearly 10 years of exploration and the accumulation of technology, we have become Guangzhou area plasma TV repair Chu become warped. General electric appliance repair companies and manufacturers repair service department, check out the fault point is to change the whole plate method to solve the problem, although the repair methods that can solve the problem, but high repair fees also mostly plasma user headache. Our company has a set of advanced plasma repair equipment, can directly detect the fault source, only to replace faulty components can be without the need of changing plate, thereby greatly reduce the repair cost. We also mastered the technology of a manual repair plasma screen, plasma screen repair costs Only the machine pressure screen repair fees in half. Welcome to call the Advisory 400-688-2928
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LCD TV plasma TV, accessories, accessories, flat-panel TV repair, flat panel TV accessories
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Contact:   Mr. Jiang
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Guangzhou Yuexiu District Lu Jing Road No. 70 apartment