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Shandong Longxing Chemical Machinery Group Sales Department three Brand
Business Model
Shandong Longxing Chemical Machinery Group, the original name of the company: Shandong province Laizhou City Chemical Machinery Factory, located in the charming scenery, rich natural resources, Laizhou Bay, Laizhou economic center located in the economic prosperity, outstanding people of the town -- Shahe. Chinese Chemical Equipment Corporation equipment sentinel production units, one two three types of pressure vessel and heat-conducting oil furnace professional production enterprises (Qualification Certificate No.: one or two types of pressure vessel manufacturing license: RZZ Lu -150-2007; one or two types of pressure vessel design license: TS1237009-2008; three types of pressure vessel manufacturing license: TS2210409-2010; organic heat carrier furnace manufacturing license ID: 20402037). Group covers an area of 180000 square meters, construction area of 50000 square meters, with 86000000 yuan in fixed assets, employees 580 people, including engineering and technical personnel 98 people, senior engineer 10 people. Chemical grinding equipment, the main production of various series of dispersing mixing equipment, the emulsion reaction equipment, heat-conducting oil furnace and kneading machine, mixer, paint, paint, pesticide, medicine, food, washing cosmetics such as complete sets of chemical equipment, the quality of products reach the domestic leading level in the same industry, a number of products won the province and Yantai city science and technology progress award. Chemical machinery production base of our country chemical machinery industry's largest and most complete variety, the best quality.
Main Products
The reaction kettle, heat-conducting oil furnace, kneading machine, mixing machine, sand mill, dispersion machine,
Contact information
Contact:   Lv Zengkui
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Laizhou city Shahe Zhen Lu Wang Long Wang bu (206 State Road 197.1 km road)