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Suzhou city Xiangcheng District Beiqiao Bo Hao spraying equipment factory Brand
Business Model
Suzhou city Xiangcheng District Beiqiao Bo Hao spraying equipment factory is a professional production of furniture spraying equipment, the company professional manufacture of spray paint room very innovative and pioneering. After several years of development, the company has a full set of Italy furniture spraying the latest technology and perfect management and service system, the production of the spraying room throughout large and medium-sized furniture enterprises, product series and its ecological and environmental protection, small investment, quick effect, scale and won the praise of many customers, the painting real air dust filter can breakthrough up to 98% or more, greatly improving the furniture surface paint finish and uniform nature, make every piece of furniture products full of vitality and market competitiveness! According to different kinds of furniture, solid wood doors, cabinets, sanitary ware more sets of solutions. My company's current production of complete coating equipment and single device with high-tech content, is the crystallization of high-tech and many years of production time, the series of products with advanced technology, reasonable structure, excellent quality, reliable installation, elegant appearance, has the very high performance to price ratio. Company Zhuchuang staff using the latest foreign technology, research and development of baking spray paint room, one of thousands of spray booth, bridge type drying chamber, respectively, in the service of automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing industry, military industry, railway locomotive, scientific research institutions, furniture surface spraying, city bus, car repair and maintenance etc. industry, highly favored customers, after many years of accumulation of experience, the theory and practice of painstaking research, our company manufacturing products and technical equipment of all kinds, added extensive application in industrial products related enterprises. Bo Hao spray coating production line of all walks of life including the equipment or the single equipment, and a variety of specifications, high temperature oven baking spray spray room, size and heating mode according to customer demand for products of non-standard equipment, spray chamber device has a dry adsorption and format washing way of governance, drying equipment using fuel gas, electricity and waste oil steam heating mode, the exhaust gas treatment using adsorption incineration or catalytic combustion, emissions of gases in line with the latest national emission standards, after many years of practice proved. Our tenet: "honesty, enterprising, innovation, quality first".
Main Products
Furniture paint spray booth, dust-free spray paint room, water curtain spray paint room, high temperature oven, coating line
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Contact:   Xing Jiantao
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  Nanjing City  Suzhou city Xiangcheng District Ling Feng Industrial Park