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Xi'an Armed Police Hospital ( in 1958 set the health, has been nearly 60 years of history, is located in the eastern part of the city of Xi'an address South Second ring. Close to Xi'an Jiao Tong University, adjacent to the Qujiang Tang culture zones and high & New Technology Development Zone, Xi'an armed police hospital is a medical, teaching, scientific research, financial emergency medicine, health care as one of the three comprehensive hospitals. Is the first international northwest professional treatment male disease hospital. With the development of society, economy and raising the level of human health, more and more attention. Male disease has become one of the three major diseases threatening human health, is a serious hazard to human health killer. It is pointed out that the latest research, at present our country men's health status on the whole is not optimistic. The development trend of younger age male disease is, in this trend, Xi'an Armed Police Hospital in order to solve the problem of the male disease, gradually developed into a world-renowned modern comprehensive hospital. Xi'an armed police hospital set up a number of special subjects, like prostate specialist, reproductive infection specialist, infertility specialist etc.. Can very accurately in male disease diagnosis and treatment, so that the majority of the patients enjoy the professional and quality of medical service. To build the best hospital across the Northwest area. Reduce the male friends suffering, as soon as possible so that they bid farewell to the disease problems, let them bloom a healthy smile on his face. Department of Urology is one of the key sections of Xi'an Armed Police Hospital of Xi'an is also a feature of departments, the Armed Police Hospital andrology disease diagnosis instrument at heavily in the introduction, a number of international advanced treatment instrument, such as the new America holmium laser plasma transurethral prostatic resection, France bioMerieux full set of detection system Goods are available in all varieties. Department of Urology full set of high-end inspection, examination, treatment equipment, for the majority of male division disease patients exclude the difficulty and anxiety. Xi'an armed police hospital brings together dozens of domestic and foreign medical industry renowned experts and professors, established a highly respected, the skills of the team of talents. Adhering to the "everything for the sake of patients" principle and noble medical ethics, fully committed to the research and treatment of male division disease, and strive to create more brilliant, allowing patients to enjoy the most considerate service, offer an own strength for the majority of men's health.
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