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Ji'nan jinmingda Trade Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Ji'nan jinmingda Trade Co. Ltd., founded in 2001, formerly known as Ji'nan industrial chemical factory, is a company with legal professional qualification chemicals business unit. Now the German Henkel products regional agents, America Qingli products regional agents, regional agents Shandong Guoqiang products. The company has consistently uphold the integrity-based, customer first business philosophy, over the years has been the new and old customers of praise. At present the company's main products are as follows: the German Henkel metal surface treatment agent series American kinglee water treatment series Guoqiang brightener Tianjin Organic Chemical Factory rubber accelerator, additives series of imported boiler detergent series of various types of commonly used chemical reagent chemical products etc.. Welcome you to choose my unit products.
Main Products
Henkel of Germany series products, American Qing series, Shandong Guoqiang series, series of boiler scale inhibitor
Contact information
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Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Ji'nan Lishan Road North Jiayuan chemical market