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According to Nanyang bamboo charcoal products was founded in 2003, the company is a professional sales of bamboo products, bamboo charcoal mat, bamboo charcoal, bamboo charcoal, bamboo charcoal pillow air conditioning is cervical vertebra pillow, bamboo charcoal knee related bamboo products. Bamboo charcoal is a Jiangnan bamboo base to maintain the original composition and structure of the charring. It is fine porous, surface area is 2.5 - 3 times the charcoal, charcoal adsorption capacity is more than 10 times, 5 times the charcoal content of mineral. The negative ions can purify the air, dehumidification, sterilization, deodorization and bamboo charcoal with bleaching, blocking electromagnetic radiation and other functions, is widely used in medicine, pesticides, cosmetics, daily necessities, bamboo charcoal industry, the whole body is treasure, in Japan by the United States environmental protection new guard "in twenty-first Century". Has been widely applied in daily life The 1 bamboo charcoal porous structure and strong adsorption, with breathable dry, sweat absorption, except tide, in addition to odor effect. 2 bamboo charcoal far infrared thermal effects, can promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, The new supersedes the old., dehumidification pain, has obvious auxiliary curative effect on rheumatism, headache and insomnia, but also inhibit snoring, improve sleep quality. 3 bamboo charcoal can produce negative ions, keep the air fresh. 4 can effectively absorb indoor harmful chemical substances, formaldehyde, benzene and other car; removing indoor, car smoke smell, improving indoor air. Recommendations: 1 a month drying time, eternal efficacy maintain carbon. 2 do not use microwave oven, dryer drying. Welcome to inquire: 13639673179 0377-63493542 13569206828 contact: Ms. Wang
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Bamboo charcoal products, environmental improvement agent, supplies bamboo charcoal, bamboo charcoal air conditioning quilt, bamboo charcoal mat
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