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The beauty of minimally invasive treatment center in Henan Brand
Business Model
Xinxiang Pingyuan Hospital is by the municipal public health administrative department approval is set, with modern service concept of the underarm odour, the foreskin phimosis, and other characteristics, medical cosmetology department department. Xinxiang Pingyuan Hospital in our city are the earliest formal state hospital underarm odor treatment, by the Beijing minimally invasive experts dear diagnosis, exclusive application "Korean minimally invasive cosmetic and drug perfusion" dual therapy can directly remove the apocrine sweat glands, and sweat glands priority wilt small, one-time completely root In addition to underarm odor, never relapse, no surgery, grain size of mouth, no pain, no scar appearance, 10 minutes of easy leaving underarm odor annoyance, with the rule to go is the best therapy. Did the effect of operation, laser, closed, simple minimally invasive therapy is not good or recurrence in other hospitals can come to our hospital one-time eradication. (signed agreement, a law 50 years recurrence free treatment) The recent heavily hospital exclusive introduction "Korean minimally invasive cosmetic plastic reproduction" a full set of equipment, professional treatment of redundant prepuce, phimosis, genital smallish, on the spot can cause genital extended 2-6 cm, no surgery, no pain, no stitches, beautiful appearance and no scars, with the rule to go, greatly enhance sexual pleasure, is currently the best therapy. To overcome the pain before surgery, laser, collar and other methods, scar disadvantages. (Note: in other hospitals had similar operation effect is not good can come to our hospital treatment plastic repair) Hospital Foundation for nearly half a century, the teachers strength is abundant, has the current international advanced Germany SIEMENS spiral CT, Japan Toshiba B to exceed, the United States cold light (E light), the United States sapphire color light instrument, advanced medical equipment Germany microcrystalline scar instrument etc.. The United States sapphire color optical instrument is plain area first with lighting beauty treatment instrument inter era, this pulse IPL Beauty Instrument, beauty and the introduction of technology, thus established the regional status of Xinxiang Pingyuan Hospital beauty center. The magic of the IPL Beauty technology, aseptic concept design, dual wavelength type beauty instrument of tyranny: Tada nevus (cyan birthmark, nevus flammeus) (red birthmark), mole, coffee birthmark, tattoo, tattooed Eyeliner etc.. Microcrystalline scar treatment: for treating a variety of scar, smoke scar, burn scar, hypertrophic scars, surgical and gynecological scar. Digital freckles therapeutic apparatus: the complete eradication of all kinds of freckles (Mongolian face sand), sunburn, chloasma, senile plaque. E light permanent hair removal: beard, Yemao, excess hair etc.. E light to eradicate all acne, acne, acne, pock etc.. E light tender skin whitening, whitening skin, shrink rough pores.
Main Products
Body odor, the foreskin phimosis, birthmark freckles scars, hair removal of tattoo, genital smallish
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Contact:   Qiu Huadong
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Xinxiang City, south of Jiefang Road No. 272