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Xingda molded pulp Equipment Manufacturing Company Brand
Business Model
The factory was established in 2004, mainly the production of drum type egg tray forming machine, the registered capital of 500000 yuan, the existing staff of 35 people, processing equipment more than 20 taiwan. The company's products with a stable and reliable performance, compact structure and low energy consumption, reasonable price, strong practicability and by all praise. The company web site: Http:// Tel: 029-32365095 Hand machine: 15191076115
Main Products
Xingda egg tray machine, egg tray production line, rotary egg tray machine, Xingda egg tray mold, Xingda mold industry
Contact information
Contact:   Xue Hai
Addr:   Shaanxi Province  Xi'an City  Shaanxi Sanyuan Yang Jie