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Business Model
Our school is the formal clothing professional training school, school for 28 years, in strict accordance with the national labor departments on the "first training, after the employment policy of" teaching. By repeatedly won the clothing awards Ruan Guangren teacher, to hire another Engineering College, College of fine arts of more than a dozen teachers collaborative teaching. School of professional complete, strict teaching, school quality, cultivate a group and a group of excellent plate making division for the society, private entrepreneurs and outstanding student success. In view of Ruan Guangren's teacher in the fashion industry that lightness, schools often receive the country clothing company, enterprise calls, letters, recruit all kinds of talent. Over the years the school as usual, patiently for the trainees to matchmaking, to create a good employment opportunities for them. The school spirit of all for students the concept of service, the implementation of the foreign students to school for the first time the taxi to undertake by the school, and to provide some commonly used drugs to students...... Here is the cradle of costume design, plate making division, of personnel training base. Cast entrepreneur furnace. Our school will be solid pier for every student, build a bridge leading to the success of the other side of the bridge.
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Clothing professional training
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Contact:   Miss Ruan
Addr:   Fujian Province  Fuzhou City  Xiamen Lake temple bus station left (Yingzhong car)