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Business Model
Shanghai new training materials recovery was founded in 1990 with the limited company, the State Administration, Shanghai industrial and commercial bureau strictly formal register company, at that time only a material outlet acquisition station, since we have to honest business, honest man, honest work for the purpose by the customer high praise, in 2000, we make persistent efforts, successively in Pudong, Baoshan, Putuo Songjiang, Zhabei, Xuhui and other counties, set up distribution and office, become the advanced enterprises in Shanghai 4050 project, is a new company dedicated to environmental protection. Long term to various enterprises and institutions with high cash onsite recycling of various waste materials, scrap metal, scrap equipment. Service tenet: cash payment, the price reasonable, abide by its commitments, safe and fast, efficient, and strict client confidentiality. Object oriented: hotels, shopping malls, hotels, factories, docks, schools, companies, banks, airports, customs, Internet cafes, organs, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, entertainment venues, construction sites and family. The demolition project: using the appropriate equipment and programs for the different structures of buildings. Has a hydraulic hammer, plus the long arm of hydraulic shear, wall saws and other advanced equipment. Can contract a variety of large-span structures plant. Corporate waste of assets, plant sale, in the demolition process has accumulated rich experience, for the telecommunications, electricity lines and underground pipelines can be well protected. Professional contractors all kinds of complicated structure, high difficulty building, demolition, demolition of power distribution room, activity room demolition of construction waste, demolition of wire and cable clean up the garbage, free field. Central air conditioning recovery: recovery of 100000 kcal -300 million kcal of central air conditioning: water-cooled units, LiBr Chiller, screw machine, centrifuge, piston, air cooled heat pump machine, water-cooled Guiji, ground source heat pump units; Transformer recycling: all kinds of 100KVA---25000KVA power transformer: oil immersed transformer, dry type transformer, box type transformer, pressure regulating transformer, magnetic transformer, special transformer and auxiliary power distribution cabinet, electric wire and cable; Lift recovery: recovery of various brands elevator: ladder of goods holding thing, escalators, passenger elevator, medical elevator, hydraulic pressure elevator, residential elevator, special ladder, auto machine roomless elevator, villa elevator, dumbwaiter, sightseeing elevator, sidewalk staircase; Second-hand equipment recycling: another recycling all kinds of boiler, mechanical equipment, electromechanical equipment, woodworking equipment, kitchen equipment, hotel equipment, refrigeration equipment, chemical equipment, crane, forklift and other general equipment and professional equipment, industrial equipment, all kinds of scrap metal: copper, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, iron; rare metals: gold, rhodium, silver, nickel, molybdenum, titanium, chromium, etc.. For 10 years, looking back on the 10 years of groundless talk, we not only met a group of old friends, our company will continue to forge ahead with the spirit, with "quality service, reputation first" concept, to get to know more new friends, warmly welcome waste materials, scrap equipment, units and individuals to come to negotiate business, we will appoint a professional personnel home valuation, here you will not regret to choose.
Main Products
Recovery of central air conditioning, generator transformer recycling, recycling, elevator recycling, recovery boiler
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Contact:   Mr. Liu
Addr:   Shanghai City  Shanghai City  Gu Chen Road 486