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Taizhou Shun washing equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Jiangsu province Taizhou to shun the washing equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the original Taizhou textile machinery group company established restructuring, the company specializing in the production of hotels, hotel, school, hospital, factory, clothing, entertainment venues, such as washing plant washing equipment. Washing machine products mainly include: various specifications of industrial washing machine, full automatic washing machine, elution and drying integrated machine, washing machine, dyeing machine, sand washing machine, dehydration machines, machine off the oil, oil removing drying machine, dryer, ironing machine, Yun Ping machine, steam ironing table, carpet cleaning machines and other products. And according to user requirements, design and manufacture specifications of industrial washing machine, special automatic washing machine, dehydration machines (centrifuge), dryer, ironing machines washing machine. These new energy-saving products, widely used in textile, washing plant, bleaching and dyeing factory, sand washing factory, printing and dyeing, silk, clothing, latex chemical industry, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, hostels and other industries. The employee of the company is committed to the future, a melting pot in the market in the courage to temper their own, realistic set up factories, refine on quality, stick to integrity development, support and help from all walks of life, to strive for greater glory. At the same time, we also solemnly promise: resolute don't let any unqualified products factory, to ensure that no damage to a client, strictly abide by the provisions of the contract, regular and irregular combination, to the cargo unit check product status, timely repair, available within the period stipulated in the contract, that is, to the repair, ensure washing machine running my company production of industrial washing normal, normal work, ensure that the user must be assured. We will persevere quality excellence, leading technology, manufacturing, intentions services business philosophy of the world. In the ISO9001:2000 quality certification system guarantee, washing machine series products as in the past for the world in various fields to provide safe, high quality, high efficiency. Welcome new and old customers come to discuss the guidance.
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Industrial washing machine, drying machine, drying machine, washing machine, washing equipment
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Contact:   Gao Wenbao
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  Nanjing City  Jiangsu province Taizhou City Hailing Industrial Park District to build Park Street building 23