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Business Model
Our company was established in June 29, 2004, the comprehensive Service Corporation to design, production, agent, publishing media advertising, combined with media agent and agent of the customer, for the customer provide a full range of advertising planning, promotion service. Headquarters is located in Henan science and technology market Cyberport, division is located in Anhui Huaibei science and technology market, the existing staff of 38 people. The company set up under the network department, Department of radio and television, newspapers such as the Department, other types of advertising department: Networks: divided into technical department, customer service department, business department, including web site building, domain name space rental, website optimization, website promotion, software development. The national general agent: Bel advertising network, home network, Henan medical navigation nets, net health ask. Henan Province general agent: network advertising, answer all the questions, Xunyiwenyao network, is a more than Baidu core agents, and the friendly cooperative relations with many years of, three nine health network, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Google, Yahoo!,, throughout the portal site. In addition agent installed 400 national toll free telephone consultation, business. The press department: divided into media department, business department, including graphic design, publications, advertising. The national general agent media has the Henan Provincial Committee of the "party life", the Anhui Committee on aging "Chinese old", the general agent of Henan have Hunan "Wen Cui monthly", Hubei "new legend", "Jingu legend" "love marriage family" "Chinese story", Heilongjiang "old learning life", Guangdong "Jiajia Le", Jilin "chemists" "elderly health" "today" "East and west", Shanxi "classic essay" "famous forum", Guangxi "overseas", the other an agent and general agent has more than one thousand kinds of newspapers and magazines. Radio and Television Department: Radio and Television Department and around the city of TV and radio stations have a friendly and cooperative relations, especially for film and television production. The other type of advertising including toilet billboards, advertising, outdoor advertising, building advertising has a friendly cooperative relationship. Customer resources are various industries throughout the country with thousands of units of medical disputes. We thank you for the bel bel trust and support, and sincerely hope to have the opportunity to serve you. Bel is willing to work with all parts of the country to advertisers, advertising media, advertising colleagues, solidarity and cooperation, mutual learning and common progress and create a better future! For the prosperity and the prosperity of the motherland Enterprise Co meager power!
Main Products
Website construction, domain name space, website promotion, website business affairs is connected, Google promotion
Contact information
Contact:   Guo Wei
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Zhengzhou City Cultural Road and Dongfeng Road intersection technology market Cyberport room 1108