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Xiamen Boda Aluminum Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Xiamen Boda aluminium established for many years specializing in the production of sales overall Home Furnishing fittings, sliding door fittings; PVC paper, PVC classic paper by South Korea imported glue noodle, green building materials environmental protection: dedicated to high-end sliding door, sliding door, wall decoration board. Us to "the pursuit of perfect quality, dedicated to customer satisfaction, promote technological innovation, continuous self improvement" of the quality policy and "character selling products" business philosophy. Agents of the company: New Vientiane coated aluminum Shanghai Koda fir forest shutter Thick Ming Yi wave plate, porcelain plate, embossed leather board Aluminum sliding door wholesale
Main Products
New Vientiane aluminum, by Da Shan Lin shutter, aluminum door wholesale, thick Ming Yi wave plate, porcelain skin plate
Contact information
Contact:   Cao Yaobang
Addr:   Fujian Province  Fuzhou City  Xiamen Huli District Fang Hubei two Lu Guangyu new furniture city 3 row 18/19/20