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Beijing Jinke industrial environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Company introduction: Beijing Jinke industrial environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd., is engaged in environmental protection equipment of the Professional Company, the main domestic and foreign well-known brands of environmental protection equipment. Company to China Jinke holding group as the core, with a number of environmental protection enterprises products based on a set of environmental protection technology development, technology consulting, technology services and product sales form purification, from industrial oil mist oil mist collection to the food in the kitchen fume purifying all environmental setting Guinness products, according to customer demand, the scene design, installation and after-sales service. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, the company now has a plant area of 25000 square meters, staff 120 people, including all types of professional and technical personnel 35, the total assets of 35000000 yuan, built the industry's largest annual output of 10000 sets of various kinds of oil mist, smoke, fume purification device such as a modern production line. At present, the product used in Shanghai SGM, Germany Automotive Systems, Japan NTN, Shanghai DELPHI, Hangzhou Panasonic, Foxconn and other well-known clients, and Fanuc, and the world famous machine tool company, Haas such as the establishment of good relations of cooperation. Company philosophy The "golden section industrial environmental protection, create a green environment" is our eternal theme, we will to the best brands of products, advanced technology, perfect service, for us to create green hills, clear water, blue sky.
Main Products
Lampblack purifier, oil mist purifier, welding smoke purifier, filter cartridge type dust collector, the exhaust gas purifier
Contact information
Contact:   Zhang Wei
Addr:   Beijing City  Beijing City  Beijing Haidian District Fuxing Road No. 59 B