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Business Model
Botou Longxiang Casting Tools Co., Ltd. is located in Bohai coast of the "foundry town" Botou City, covers an area of 120000 square meters, a beautiful environment, industrial development, the traffic is very convenient. Backed by Beijing, the Beijing Shanghai railway, Beijing Shanghai high-speed, high-speed Shi Huang, 104 National Highway and 106 National Road after. Our company was founded in eighty years, is now the domestic large iron bench production base, is the larger the same industry, is engaged in casting, machine processing, equipment Professional Company. At present there are staff more than 300 people, more than 10000 tons of annual production of cast iron. The big furnace section by the technical staff with the old technology division after long-term scientific practice make perfect the of various grades of casting furnace and furnace molten iron after ingredients before inoculation and evolutionary processing strictly mature technology, and laid a solid foundation for accurately achieve the various grades of casting material, heat treatment workshop drying kiln two and the annealing kiln a, advanced vibration aging machine, physical and chemical room and material test machine standard of perfection, and furnace rapid laboratory equipment and instruments, to provide a reliable guarantee for the rapid adjustment of molten iron content of various elements reach grade material requirements. The factory to undertake casting, resin sand casting, gray iron, ductile iron castings, manganese alloy nodular cast iron, vermicular cast iron and steel castings, the steam turbine factory pad box, machine tool plant bed, column, beam, workbench, gearbox castings etc.. The monthly production of 800 to more than 1000 tons of various grades of castings, and a resin sand casting, EPC casting, high grade, undertake single not more than 100 tons of castings, non-standard products can be customized according to customer requirements. Heavy duty machining workshop, machine processing equipment: Jiangsu 6.2*4 meters, 4*2.6 meters 3*2.5 meters, Spain, Taiwan and other large number of station of Longmen CNC milling machine. 6*2.5 meters, 12*4 meters and other large Longmen CNC planer number stage, 6 meters high speed Longmen milling machine, boring machine 4 meters large site, 3.5 x 8 meter section milling, Z80 upright drill, Sichuan vertical stress vibration instrument, large digital high precision measuring machine, and a number of excellent machine and ancillary equipment and so on more than 20 taiwan. 本公司主要产品为:连铸机引锭杆、 铝镁合金对弧样板、连铸机对弧样板、拉矫机对弧样板、不锈钢对弧样板、结晶器对中样板、铸铁配重铁、铸铁检验平板、铸铁划线平板、铸铁铆焊平板、铸铁方箱,机床垫板、发动机测功机试验台、各类动力机械试验台(又称槽铁或地梁、地轨)、组合拼装T型槽平板、实验室基础平板、、T型槽装配平台、镗铣机床工作台、三座标平台、镁铝轻型平尺、桥型平尺、直角尺、机床专用角度尺、检验方箱、划线方箱、磁性方箱、平型平尺、方尺磁性V型架、偏摆检查仪、齿轮跳动检查仪、高精度偏摆检查仪、新型偏摆检查仪、机床检验棒、机床调整垫铁、机床防震垫铁、阶梯垫铁、等高垫铁、铸铁V型铁、钢件V型架、铸铁弯板、镀铬千斤顶、花岗石平板、平尺、方尺、方箱、平行规、花岗石机床导轨、T型槽工作台、三座标测量机构 Parts, granite adjustable prop, V block and V type frame, granite table seat and other measuring tools. Can also be customized all kinds of non - standard gauge (requiring the user to attached drawing). Another of the company's long-term production and operation of breeding equipment parts etc.! For decades, we won praise users with reasonable price, high quality products, timely service, manufacturers throughout the country has given strong support to our job, so that my company's economic benefits are in a leading position in the area of Cangzhou machinery industry. Warmly welcome the manufacturers to all friends and brothers to visit our company cooperation, give play to their respective advantages, work together, the total development plans! After-sales service: I plant for the better for the majority of customer service, special product quality assurance the following statement made to the society and the vast number of users: First, any user who buy my company production measuring class products, the implementation of "three in one year". In two, my company sold lifetime cost price warranty or with old change new. Three, any user who buy our products value in 50000 yuan of above, the need for on-site service, our company will immediately send the installation, maintenance personnel to the user manufacturer and thoughtful service. 1, Hebei Province, the user, I plant in the receipt of service information within 24 hours after (Zhangjiakou area within 36 hours of arrival) user factory service. User 2, North China, Shandong, Henan, Eastern Shanxi, northern Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Liaoning area, our company reach the user factory within 48 hours of receipt within service information service. 3, other provinces user, our company reach the user factory within 72 hours of receipt within service information service.
Main Products
Casting on the arc model, cast iron plate platform, counterweight iron, adjust the shock pad iron, large machine tool accessories
Contact information
Contact:   Zhang Yunfeng
Addr:   Hebei Province  Shijiazhuang City  Hebei province Botou city of Jiaohe