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Xu Zunjun lawyer, graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in 2004 with a bachelor's degree in law, he is a member of the all China Lawyers Association member, Hubei Lawyers Association, Hubei Lifeng law firm lawyers. Xu Zunjun's lawyer has many years of professional experience in legal services, legal career, successfully handled litigation and non litigation legal affairs has also hired hundreds of pieces, the perennial legal counsel for several real estate enterprises, institutions, industry associations. Worked for Dongfeng Motor Company (Sino Japanese joint venture), Hubei press group, Hubei province development and Reform Commission and other large enterprises, government agencies have provided special legal service. Non litigation business: have a deep understanding and rich experience in contract negotiation, drafting, review and foreign documents audit, enterprise merger, overseas listing, economic disputes, labor dispute handling legal affairs. Good according to the consultant unit rights protection laws and regulations in the economic contract law, company law, to maximize the interests of the Advisory unit. Familiar with the securities investment funds, securities investment analysis, securities trading, securities issuance and underwriting and listing Corporation related legal issues and in-depth study. Litigation: good infringement damage compensate dispute (transportation, inductrial injury, medical treatment etc.), contract disputes, corporate legal affairs, real estate development, project payment settlement of disputes, marriage and family disputes, criminal defense, etc.. Xu Zunjun lawyer free consultation telephone: 13907128942 Website:
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Traffic accident disputes, property disputes, labor accidents, damage compensation, civil litigation
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