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We are professional plastic mold products main there are many series, such as: plastic extrusion mold, plastic mold, plastic mold vacuum extrusion hardtop, soft hard coextrusion mold, extrusion die PP PE. Involving a wide range, such as: aquarium fish series (tank bottom ark aquarium decoration, decorative panels, a water blocking plate, column, wrapping, packing ring, plastic building materials (PVC) composite floor, yang angle line, pipe, plastic ruler, PVC each diameter circular tube. Tube. A rectangular tube, PVC guardrail, door pocket line glass the card strip), refrigerator freezer (refrigerator door seal extrusion parts, refrigerator, refrigerator refrigerator handle end cover, plastic parts, plastic parts of the refrigerator freezer sliding door, glass card slot, frozen rack trim), car decoration, curtain track etc.. As long as customers to drawings or samples, we will be the basic design a comprehensive plan. The mold has the advantages: high precision, long service life, excellent internal and external surface finish, preferential prices, good reputation, sales at home and abroad... In addition, the factory has several single and double screw plastic extruder, used in the production of plastic extrusion products. Professional precision plastic mold mentioned above can be used for the extruder, and then produced a large number of plastic products. I plant the production of products such as: Automobile decoration strip, door frame door double use card, each PVC diameter circular tube. Tube. Rectangular pipe, the curtain track, the tank edge, bagels, columns etc.. Extensive use of products, good quality properties, are exported all over the country, welcome customers to come to the procurement of a large number of samples and cable! Thus, the plant to overcome the singleness of some small factory: or a single die, or a single processing products, can quickly find the problem root. Therefore, our staff slogan clear: innovation, so a dragon.
Main Products
Plastics extrusion die, cold top mold, vacuum mold, soft hard coextrusion mold, PP mold
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Contact:   Wang Feng
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