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Shanghai Kai CE Exhibition Engineering Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shanghai Kai CE Exhibition Service Co. Ltd is one of the industry's first marketing consultant type exhibition company. Is specialized in exhibition home court building, special decoration booth design and production, exhibition hall and store design and large conference site arrangement for the integration of professional exhibition company. Kay CE exhibition not only for customers to provide quality excellent booth service, more important is its commitment to help enterprises to effectively improve the exhibition marketing value, the exhibition marketing in the enterprises marketing activities in the more prominent position. To better meet the needs of enterprise marketing and brand building, Kay CE exhibition based on traditional exhibition company on its service upgrades in the round, launched a marketing consultant service models: the "customer manager + marketing consultant + commercial designers" service model. The company has an independent plant covers an area of 3000 square meters in Shanghai Minhang District, hardware facilities, advanced; experienced construction team, exquisite technology, cooperate tacit understanding; improve the strict management system, from design to construction, and provide reliable guarantee for you. Kay policy throughout the exhibition business in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other major cities nationwide. After the success of the case and rich experience both in real estate, decorative building materials, textile and garment, furniture, electronic telecommunications, electric power electrical and mechanical hardware, food, lighting, beauty, medicine and chemical industry etc., well received by customers. Choose Kai policy, choose a successful event marketing. Believe Shanghai Kai CE Exhibition Co. Ltd will become your exhibition marketing a useful addition!
Main Products
Special booth design, home court building, production, exhibition hall, store design, large conference activities
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