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Shunde Qun Sheng Garment Factory Brand
Business Model
Shunde City, Foshan Qu Qun Sheng clothing is a clothing design, production, service as one of professional business clothing enterprises. Company customers to develop products have uniforms, work clothes, T-Shirts, shirts, advertising shirts and other clothing products. Shunde Qun Sheng garment factory after years of tests, from a small factory in Shunde development so far has its own scale independent development and production, the factory has the modernization production of imported equipment. Over the years the development of Qun Sheng Garment steamed thriving, this and a large number of perseverance, solidarity workers struggle and the overwhelming majority of customers trust and support are inseparable. Survival Qun Sheng garment factory has been adhering to the "quality first, sincere cooperation" principle based on Shunde, strive for the Shunde garment to the world contribute. Qun Sheng Garment has a high capacity to produce all kinds of knitted and woven garments: Shunde overalls. Shunde uniforms, T-shirt, shirt,. A suit of labor insurance Goods (sleeves, aprons, advertising shirts and other clothing series). Provides professional uniform for hotel, hotels, banks, schools, factories, shopping malls and other industries. Work clothing production and processing. Facing the challenge of the new century, we will continue to take the customer demand as the guidance, to put the product quality and customer interests in the first place, the development of newer and better products. Sincere cooperation with friends old and new customers, based on win-win, CO create our pursuit of enterprise value, to share the success of our cooperation. We welcome people from all walks of life come to visit, negotiate, order with companies distinctive clothing! We look forward to cooperating with you!...
Main Products
Foshan garment, work uniforms, t-shirt,
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Contact:   Wu Yongsheng
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Shenzhen City  Foshan city Shunde District Ronggui Town happiness triangle Pond Road No. 3 building two