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Shanghai Shi Chang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
The company has always been "research and development pilot, service induced, people-oriented, harmonious development" corporate philosophy, in the domestic printing industry fierce competition situation out of the way. The company's products: specifically, shown in full, gifted, special aspects: Specifically: specialized in ink jet coding industry. The whole device type: is this domestic industry the most complete company. There are laser to spurt the code machine, ink jet type spurts the code machine, inkjet printer printed class containing all products over the industry Advantages: the company's products excellent performance price ratio! Special: due to the unique excellent technology and service force. To solve the problem of the production of personalized. Complete sets of equipment can and abroad the most advanced to fit. Even according to the enterprise the special situation of tailored. The ultimate goal of the company is: sincere dedication spirit of cooperation with customers. Move the customer technology used to improve the quality of service.
Main Products
Inkjet printer, laser printer, Shanghai inkjet printer, inkjet printer consumables, printing and processing
Contact information
Contact:   Dai Jianguo
Addr:   Shanghai City  Shanghai City  The city of Shanghai road 2501 Lane 233