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Zhejiang Rongxin Explosion-proof Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Chinese Rongxin explosion-proof is composed of Zhejiang Rongxin Explosion-proof Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Rongxin explosion-proof electric appliance limited. Zhejiang Rongxin Explosion-proof Electric Appliance Co., Ltd is located in the "China electric equipment", "Chinese explosion-proof electrical base" of Zhejiang Province, Yueqing City, located in the East China Sea, the national key scenic Yandang Mountain at the foot of the mountain, close to 104 National Road and Yong Tai Wen expressway, national key construction of the coastal railway through the territory, from the Wenzhou City, 30 km, a train and aircraft to the country, the traffic is very convenient. Company's existing plant more than 10000 square meters, plant more than 5000 square meters, is set research and development, various types of explosion-proof electrical products manufacturing, sales, service as one of the provincial-level enterprises, with advanced production equipment, perfect test equipment and testing instruments. Is the National Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau certification enterprises, Chinese explosion-proof electric appliance industry association member enterprise, the national explosion-proof electrical production license certification enterprises, the first batch of national coal mine explosion proof security product quality supervision and inspection center certification enterprises. The products of the company a total of 18 series over 360 varieties, were made explosion-proof certification, safety signs access license and production license. To establish a long-term and stable business relationship with all parts of the country hundreds of large group, mining bureau. Zhejiang Rongxin Explosion-proof Electric Appliance Co., Ltd in recent years from the northeast, Southwest Military and state owned enterprises, the introduction of a number of high-level technical personnel, after years of efforts, the development of a batch with high-tech products: such as mining flame-proof type switch transformer type high-voltage vacuum soft starter, flameproof frequency conversion governor, mine general type high pressure soft starter, mine general inverter, mine general type high voltage switch cabinet and mine general type low voltage switch cabinet etc.. A total of 6 invention or utility model patent. Jiangxi Rongxin Explosion-proof Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in the county of Jiangxi Province on the science and Technology Industrial Park, adjacent to 320 National Road, 112 kilometers east from the provincial capital of Nanchang City, South 60 kilometers away from Xinyu railway, the traffic is convenient. The company covers an area of 35000 square meters. Has now completed the workshop 5200 square meters, office building 2000 square meters, green area of nearly 10000 square meters factory. Now Chinese Rongxin explosion-proof energy-saving products manufacturing and research center. Explosion proof energy-saving products company is developing and quasi developed a mine flameproof type energy saving frequency conversion governor, mine explosion-proof energy-saving soft starter, mine flameproof reactive power automatic compensator, mining flameproof movable substation used series automatic compensator, flameproof skin series automatic compensator in situ, flameproof shearer with series automatic compensation device in situ, mine explosion-proof energy-saving lamp series and other high-tech energy-saving products with machine.
Main Products
Feed switch, combination switch, energy saving lamp, explosion-proof telephone, fan, junction box
Contact information
Contact:   Su Mianpeng
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  Hangzhou City  Pan Jia Yang Industrial Zone, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, Le Bai Road No. 555