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Xiamen Ruijie waste recycling Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Xiamen Ruijie recycling materials stand for the main area of Xiamen city's large and small companies, enterprises, units, individual, the entertainment industry, catering industry, government departments, long-term high recycling waste, secondhand furniture, secondhand office equipment, secondhand air conditioning equipment, secondhand computer, kitchen equipment, hotel, stainless steel scrap, scrap metal, inventory the backlog, mechanical equipment, waste plastics, waste electrical appliances used vintage, etc.. The station with a reasonable price, honest and trustworthy, re credibility, warm and thoughtful service and good business reputation has won the trust of many customers. Telephone: 13625006616 Address: high Lin Ma CuO the edge of the forest near the primary school Website:
Main Products
Xiamen Xiamen scrap recycling, material recycling, recovery and recycling second-hand second-hand equipment, Xiamen, Xiamen metal recycling
Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Gan
Addr:   Fujian Province  Fuzhou City  Gao Lin Ma Huli district near the forest school in Xiamen city by CuO