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China Center for rehabilitation Xiaobing abstinence is a comprehensive rehabilitation base was founded by Chinese and Western medicine science and Technology Research Institute in Beijing, Canada in boosting Medicine Technology Development Co., Ltd. in 2003, the center is the first set of domestic medical institutions clinical alcohol counseling, clinical, treatment and rehabilitation for the integration, Henan Province, the only approved by the Henan provincial science and Technology Commission, provincial health department regular drinking clinical medical institutions of scientific research. The center covers an area of 30 acres, the total construction area of 20000 square, the outpatient service building three layer, area of 2000 square, rehab hospital inpatient building 5 layer according to the hotel standard room configuration. China center adjacent to the people's Liberation Army one five three hospital, located in the Western Stream lake, convenient transportation, is the ideal place for medical treatment and recuperation. The centre has 3 chief physician, physician 5, two national consultant 2, psychologist three countries 6, the national physical development coach 2. Provided with psychological treatment center, physical addiction treatment center, psychological addiction treatment center, behavior modification center, fitness training center of medical rehabilitation system perfect. And have a large psychological diagnosis and treatment system, Hayman CT multifunction EEG instrument for treatment of mental disorder such as advanced medical equipment. Combined with advanced testing equipment of the Chinese people's Liberation Army one five three hospital, for every patient to develop accurate and effective rehabilitation program. "Alcohol dependence syndrome rehabilitation and treatment" is our center is completed and used as one of the key topics in clinical. The center experts after repeated screening and demonstration, the use of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, drug treatment, psychological treatment, exercise therapy, four in one, in combination with the center for the development of a series of traditional Chinese medicine prescription for treating alcohol dependence syndrome. Combined with "Batman AA" activities, through the systematic treatment, self constraint and evaluation, short-term inside can relieve the patients desire for alcohol, rid the body of alcohol savings. Gradually the goal that achieves abstinence in alcohol dependent patients, to resume a normal life and work. Repair of various complications in alcohol at the same time, repair damaged organs, the normal physiological function to restore the damaged organs. According to the different degree of patients with alcohol dependence and brain and body organs damaged condition, our hospital has taken respectively based on years of experience in treatment of different types, had satisfactory results. Since 2003, the hotline center alcohol (0371-67826080) and the establishment of the center's "Batman AA", has received more than a million person time, hospitalization abstainers to tens of thousands of people, in the center of all drinking friends on the
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