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Business Model
Zhengzhou Dayang metal structure manufacturing Co., Ltd.: located in Zhengzhou city high tech Development Zone, adjacent to the Northeast Asia's largest railway marshalling station -- Zhengzhou North station. The address is located in Zhengzhou North Ring Road and West Ring Road Interchange, 600 meters to the north, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, the regional names: Nanyang Village Industrial Park of Zhengzhou Huiji District Welfare Road No. 1. My company's existing fixed assets 5000 (million). Formerly known as the "standard metal equipment factory Nanyang Zhengzhou city". The factory was established in 1985, mainly the production of manufacturing large non-standard pieces of metal structures and non standard metal equipment. In 1993 began producing and glass lined equipment supporting the special high neck flange; with D1, D2 class pressure vessel manufacturing qualification, manufacturing license number: TS2241119-2010. Company products -- reaction equipment: stainless steel reaction kettle, electric heating stainless steel reactor, steam heating stainless steel reaction kettle, stainless steel reactor, the reaction tank, external tracing pipe stainless steel reactor, outer tube stainless steel reactor; heat transfer equipment: stainless steel shell and tube condenser, spiral plate heat exchanger for extracting and concentrating equipment: vacuum enrichment equipment, evaporation concentrating equipment; drying equipment: vacuum rake dryer, thin film evaporator, centrifugal scraper film evaporator; fermentation tank: fermentation and extraction equipment, filters and other non-standard metal equipment etc.
Main Products
Stainless steel reaction kettle, stainless steel reaction tank, stainless steel condenser, electric heating reactor, the outer half pipe reactor
Contact information
Contact:   Chen Shengjie
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Welfare Institute of Zhengzhou City Road 1, Nanyang Village Industrial Park