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Business Model
Shanghai international fashion education center is by the University of Shanghai textile industry employees to adapt to the establishment of Shanghai education center of Fashion International Fashion Center emerge as the times require. Founded in 1955, Shanghai textile industry employees university is approved by the State Education Commission for the record City Hall, to cultivate the economic management and textile engineering technical personnel based independent set of adult higher school, enjoy high reputation in the fashion circle. Shanghai international fashion education center will in future planning to fashion education as the core, a comprehensive set of distinctive fashion information consulting services, fashion art design, fashion show and fashion leisure experience as one of the fashion education center, become a cultural landscape of Suzhou River are in the context of the carrier. According to the Shanghai Textile Holding (Group) Company "overall planning of technology and fashion" main strategy propulsion, one or two projects a total investment is expected to reach 200000000, covering over 46 acres along the Suzhou river bank, is 150 meters in length. Format: along with the development of creative industries in Shanghai, "Shanghai textile technology and fashion" the main strategy to promote education, fashion business form will continue to enrich and improve the. From the international fashion education center's long-term development planning perspective, the international fashion education center will become a fashion spread education idea, cultivating professional fashion personnel stronghold; become intellectual fashion research and consulting services; become East-West fashion culture and the domestic and foreign study stage are training entrepreneurship; become fashionable personage, the social elite artists, designers, fashion, leisure, social experience of agglomeration machine thinking. From the current business form, to build and improve the professional fashion education, fashion, fashion special training certificate of education, research and advisory services, fashion fashion fashion business training and other six major business segments as the main direction, with an open attitude to introduce the international advanced education ideas and resources, build international fashion education center, supporting functions at the same time the development of fashion education and derivative functions, based on the textile, service in Shanghai, radiation Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country, to provide intellectual support for the fashion industry. The University of Shanghai textile industry employees, accumulated 50 years of senior leadership cadres training and higher education experience, is the "Training Alliance of Shanghai advanced manufacturing industry of modern service industry member units". Familiar to modern training. Welcome companies and enterprises to discuss cooperation training service center. Shanghai textile training network Shanghai Textile Holding (Group) Company under the training institutions site.
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Based on the textile, facing the society, carry out diploma education, job training and continuing education.
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