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Rizhao Weichang Zhayou machinery equipment factory Brand
Business Model
Our factory is a new enterprise with science and technology innovation rise, is specializing in the production of plant oil equipment combining the research innovation, oil test, production and sales of one of the. We have a variety of domestic and foreign oil equipment and technology research, found its many disadvantages. In order to change the backward situation of equipment and technology of traditional oil, in 2000 invented 6YC oil raw material frying machine, in 2002 won the national patent (Patent No. ZL01243411.6), and creating a new process of water free oil. In recent years we are the frying machine for continuous improvement and perfect, make it an ideal setting products. After that, we also to the traditional screw press is improved, comprehensive and innovative design and produced a new type of screw press. This machine with automatic frying machine and plate and frame filter oil machine components in small oil processing production line, so that small and medium-sized oil equipment to achieve the labor, energy saving, high automation degree, good oil and more oil. After nearly 10 years of users results prove that the factory equipment is a new generation product of the most ideal Zhayou machinery in. This can be a mirror, our factory is a model to promote the oil industry progress, is most has the vitality of enterprises. Our goal is: to human health for the world oil, energy saving, increase income for farmers, to provide the most ideal equipment for the user. \
Main Products
Oil machinery and equipment manufacturing, sales of accessories.
Contact information
Contact:   Song Weichang
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Rizhao City Arashiyama District in the region after the rural