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Dongguan garment. Garment Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model

brand declaration
                            we are all born in Humen Chinese implication of cutting-edge design elements of
              all the young, modern, personality, stand on one's own theme, creating a unique style of
            “ I will ” our results, we concluded that the one one show, let everything return to basic
              this is a new challenge, new direction of

brand positioning

              the forefront of implication of China Japan South Korea design styles of
              full of personality temperament into the art of creative space to new aesthetic doctrine
              to show temperament, style and luxuriant sense of presence
              to trendy feeling and unique publicity temperament.

            the profile of concise and there is no lack of details of the exquisite design of the new thinking of philosophy, dress, gorgeous mixed challenge??
              combined with the technology of material of high quality and wonderful and refinement, showing the unique style of commodity
              the development of innovative and use both the diversification of products

              commodity with a wonderful material handling techniques, diversified interpretation method of
              present perfect clothing line style
              and its creative, unique and leading a modern interpretation of the social elite female customer layer

            shop design emphasizes the sense of space and the aesthetic sense of balance, to join the European unique simple design style
              decorative details using gray tone clean and comfortable, * * * * space sense and
              so that the overall environment full of modern fashion beauty

      is not only a way of life in acting, way, way, more

is a way of thinking

              brand positioning: age 18— 35 - year-old fashion women would group
              they have the upstart deep introverted unique romantic temperament
              they are elegant, fashion, intellectual, have certain economic ability and aesthetic vision
              they have independent ideas, the pursuit of perfection, and confident with the grade of

invites around wholesalers, distributors, retailers, long-term cooperation....

Main Products
Garment production, sales
Contact information
Contact:   Wang Yi
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Dongguan City  Humen Zhen Jin Zhou Guan Qu Yong tou Lang River Road 4 Lane 14 Building No. 2