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Business Model
Rizhao City garden is located in the southern suburbs of the city of Yongshun Miao I, forestry hi tech Park West of Donggang area, large base is mainly engaged in aquatic flower development and is committed to the city greening. Covers an area of 30 acres, the park has a pond lotus, hardy water lilies, tropical Victoria amazonica, ornamental garden a. More than 1 pots of potted ornamental lotus, water lily 2000 pots, complete varieties, different colors. Has now formed a set ornamental, sales, leasing as a whole; to undertake a comprehensive landscape both inside and outside the city all kinds of waterscape engineering. I park business philosophy: to carry forward the lotus of moral, promote the lotus culture, protect the charge source, cultivation and development of Lotus products, tries their best to build the first Jiangbei charge. Let more Shanghe, Iowa, good charge people to join our ranks, with one of the ten famous flowers China lotus, dress, greening our charm city. Let the sunshine in the sky bluer, the water is more green, people are more and (Dutch). In addition, I also plant a garden a lot of imported colorful species, there are America Hongfeng, Nyssa sylvatica, Acer negundo, seedling standard has now reached engineering. Welcome to come to visit, order. Mobile phone: 13506336962 Contact person: Miao Zhonggen
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Potted lotus
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Contact:   Miao Zhonggen
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Rizhao City Rizhao City forestry science and technology demonstration park of Donggang District West