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Xiamen Huli District recycling scrap shop to buy Brand
Business Model
Recycling, recycling of old equipment, recycling second-hand, second-hand old air conditioning recycling, old home appliance recycling, waste recycling, metal recycling, contract firms factory waste. Service tenet: Honest, trustworthy, fair, reasonable price, equality and mutual benefit. Xiamen Lake in the recycling of waste material recycling companies * we welcome all major manufacturers and personally with our company letter to negotiate business recovery! Http:// Telephone: 13666000021 Contact person: Mr. Xu
Main Products
Xiamen waste recycling, Xiamen material recycling, recycling in Xiamen, Xiamen recycling, Xiamen waste material
Contact information
Contact:   Xu Hanyang
Addr:   Fujian Province  Fuzhou City  Fujian Xiamen Lake District No. 282 Xinglong Road