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Shenzhen city chaolunfei intelligence science and technology limited company (SHENZHEN TRULY FLY INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.) is committed to engaging in RFID technology development and integration services of high-tech enterprises, the company is located in the electronic industry center, China Shenzhen Huaqiang North, formerly known as Shenzhen Chaolun brain electrical science and technology limited company, since the beginning of 1997 integrated R & D and production and system to engage in attendance, access control, consumption machine tool products, is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in RFID technology. As the industry leader in well-known enterprises, truly fly technology took the lead through the RFID products in the National Quality Certification Center CQC quality certification in the domestic counterparts, the Shenzhen high tech enterprise certification, awarded the "China famous products", "China quality assured brand", "special well-known trademark" and "3.15 no complaints, no quality of service complaints credit enterprise" and other honors, selected "China government procurement mainly supplier directory", "national key economic bidding and procurement catalogue" 2008 through the software enterprise certification, national defence and security system design, implementation and maintenance of certification, 2009 Chaolun card management software V5.0 was named Shenzhen city 100 excellent software. At present the company has 18 independent intellectual property rights (including intellectual property, the hardware 14, covers access control attendance catering consumption etc. the main application, PC application software property 4) Chiu Lun, truly fly two well-known trademark, product model more than 20, product sales across the country and abroad. Through experience and the product of years of accumulation, the company has a first-class soft, hardware team, attendance, access control, catering system can accomplish various demand, at present has completed various projects over 4200, enjoys the high reputation in solving the attendance payroll complex computing technology, at the same time, the company has always been in the development field of RFID technology open invoice certificate security, military logistics, food safety, vehicle supervision based on the continued investment in new products. We pay more attention to the products and services to customers to create value, we spare no effort in the product and service optimization, to the highest quality products and the most sincere service to our customers, dedicated to perfect, committed to innovation, committed to do your best, and partners work together to.
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Attendance, access control, consumer machine
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Contact:   Li Xiaolin
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Shenzhen City  Futian District Huaqiang garden Fuhong road A block 13E/F