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Wuxi City Kam East cooling and heating equipment Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Wuxi City Kam East heating equipment limited company is "Jin Dong refrigeration" company under the wholly-owned subsidiary, Wuxi City Hall procurement fixed-point units, major strokes, many involved in the air conditioning equipment bidding project. New Jin Dong distribution company Daikin, Mitsubishi motor, beautiful, Gree and other well-known brands, is Daikin central air-conditioning in Wuxi area core sales shop franchise. The company has perfect sales service system, at any time to provide professional, convenient, fast pre-sale after sale service for you. Company in a professional design, professional construction, professional customer service service "three special" special praise xicheng. By this company has won numerous customers, throughout the government organs, army, school, of all kinds of residential areas and all walks of life. Company sales in 2007 has exceeded 100 million yuan. At present, the company has two demo center, its a pre-school Road No. 102 (the East and the pre liberation East Road, Huai Gu Qiao TU) is located in the New District of the Second Yangtze River Road No. 178 -13 (Syrian Kang Li bus station). The choice of Jin Dong chooses the specialty, choose Jin Dong is endowed with trust and responsibility. New Jin Dong Huai Gu Dian: Preschool Road No. 102 Tel: 0510-82821518 Mobile: 13013610777 New Jin East Changjiang store: 0510-82104548 Mobile: 13093053037
Main Products
Central air conditioning, heating equipment, refrigerating equipment, air cleaner, household central air conditioning
Contact information
Contact:   Zhou Yi
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  Nanjing City  School in Wuxi City Road No. 102