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China Railway Express Logistics Network opened the service function of a phase of the project, the customer can fill in the consignment note, online query cargo tracking information, online complaints, consulting the relevant business, China Railway Express company big clients can query shipping record. You can handle the following businesses: 1 for online delivery service. You need to register this website, you can fill out the online consignment note. Customer service staff will contact you in time, you can choose to pick up service, can also print online consignment note, to the consignment to our subordinate business department to handle the delivery business. In order to facilitate the customer service staff to contact you, please leave your real phone. 2 query order status information. Your online submission waybill, you can query the order processing status. 3 query cargo tracking information. You can through the goods query code, query shipping status information of your consignment of goods. 4 counseling delivery knowledge. You can query the China Railway Express company business outlets, view your city can apply for sending the business or distribution business
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Contact:   Zhang Li
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Putuo District Taopu Road No. 188